Sunday, May 31, 2009

It's Porch Party Time!

Rhondi from Rose Colored Glasses is having the second annual Porch Party! After you have spent some time with me, you can go to Rhondi's blog and get linked up to all of the other beautiful porch parties around the world!

I wanted to greet you at my front gate, so we could stroll through my courtyard and enjoy the view before heading to my porch. Please click on any picture to enlarge for detail.

All of my roses and lavender are in bloom. Can you smell their sweet scent?

I will have to have you back for dinner al fresco some night. We can even light a fire in the fireplace, because evenings are always cool in the mountains.

We are almost there. Now, I don't have a "porch" so I am really having a deck party.

I love the way the sun filters through the deck railings across these vintage watering cans.

Here we are. There are seats in the sun and in the shade. Take your pick!

After I show you around, I will run inside and get some refreshments. When I do, you might want to browse through this beautiful book.

I made some mosaic coasters for my porch this year. Look closely. The bases are clay saucers, white washed.

Remember the planter I painted a few posts back? Here it is.

My favorite part of my deck is this view...

Now, sit and relax. I will run inside and get our refreshments. Then when we are finished, you can visit all of my other friends porch parties.

Thank you for coming and thank you Rhondi for hosting this event!

Welcome Home,



  1. Hi Penny.
    Everything looks so great! Ilove the red and white planter and those masiac coastersare perfcet. I'll be glad to sit and read the book or enjoy the view while you get us some refreshments. Thanks for the visit.
    ((hugs)) Rhondi

  2. Very nice! The red accents are just gorgeous! :)

  3. Hi again Penny!

    Your deck looks wonderful! I would love to sit in the sun, because my gams need a tan badly LOL I would love to browse through that book too. Those coasters are darling and the planter is perfect up here :)

    This is so much fun!


  4. What a beautiful view! I'd never go inside if I were you :)


  5. I just love the porch parties. Yours is beautiful. Next time maybe I can join in too.


  6. Penny, you have styled this area beautifully. I loved that you met me at the gate so that we could stroll through your courtyard together. All of the hard work you have done has resulted in a magical place.

    Your deck looks so comfortable and inviting. Let's sit and visit for a while before you go in after those refreshments.

    I love the watering cans stepping me up to the deck. My grandmother had one of those, and I used to love it when she would let me water her flowers. All of your plants and blooms are so pretty, and your new planter is perfect picking up all of the wonderful reds.

    The porch book certainly has some beautiful porches, but I can't imagine any one better than yours with this spectacular view.

    Thank you so much for inviting me. My porch party will be ready tomorrow, and I hope you will come for a visit.

  7. Ahhhh, your porch/deck in the NC mountains is so beautiful. What a view! (My daughter has been visiting the Tryon area for the past 4 days.) Those spectacular vivid reds on your porch sure do POP against the colors of Mother Nature in the background. Love the coaster idea!!! Everything looks so inviting and homey, Penny. You've done a wonderful job. I've really enjoyed my visit and appreciate your hospitality.

  8. Your mountain view is just breathtaking. Red is my favorite color against the backdrop of nature. Thank you so much for sharing.


  9. You're right that is a marvelous view! Your deck is so cozy and I bet that fireplace is awesome at night and in the fall. Your mosiac coasters look like a fun project, as well as that cute planter box. ~ Robyn

  10. Just lovely, the view, the old watering cans. There is something to look at everywhere. Thank you for inviting me.
    ♥, Susan

  11. Hi Penny! How wonderful! The seating area is adorable, very invinting. Love the red accents and your planter is just gorgeous. I can even smell the lovely scent of lavender... Hugs, Vanessa

  12. How lovely is your backyard! I love decks :)

    All the best,

  13. everything harmonious and is very colored here. I love visiting its blog, congratulations

  14. Penny,
    Your view is fantastic and I love how you've decorated your porch/deck! I've been using flower pot dishes as coasters for years with cork glued in the bottom. Thanks for the great mosaic idea!

  15. Hi Penny,
    Oh I enjoyed my time at your party. The walk up to your deck and the scent I imagine is beautiful. All your special touches on the deck and the flowers are perfect. I love your red and white accents on the table planter. Each area looks so inviting. Thank you for sharing that gorgeous view too. I justs showed my DH and he said WOW!!

    My party is ready to visit too when you get a moment.
    Have a wonderful week. oh I love the great pic of you too.
    Blessings, Celestina Marie

  16. Your view is the best! I love the NC mts (and we enjoy your town a lot when we come to the mts.) I love all your red accents, and the shade and sun options! Thanks for sharing, and for visiting my blog.

  17. Penny,
    I love all the detail that you design,and I totally agree that the best part is your view. I love what you did with your planter. You have created a gorgeous oasis.


  18. Oh my goodness, if I lived in your home I don't think I would ever leave the deck. Your view is absolutely gorgeous.

  19. No one has a view like you! Stunning!!!

  20. Good heavens, Penny, one look at that view, and I will never leave!!! Your deck looks so comfortable, and I love that painted planter and the coasters. :)

  21. Oh how I would love to sit on your beautiful deck with a glass of iced tea and just visit! the planter looks so pretty and I love the idea of mosaic coasters:>)

  22. Penny, It's beautiful & that planter is to die for gorgeous! Love your mosaic coasters - I may have to try that one. Wow, so much eye candy, excuse me while I wipe the drool off my keyboard! ☺ Diane

  23. What a beautiful view!just beautiful!
    Lovely deck! thanks for sharing!



  24. Hi Penny,
    I enjoyed your porch party! What a lovely area to entertain. Love the view too!


  25. What a really gorgeous view you have! Love those coasters you made - what a great idea! Love the planter you painted too! I want to sit by the fireplace!


  26. I am coveting those mosaic coasters! And I want to sit in one of your chairs and enjoy that view! What time should I be there????

  27. What a truly beautiful spot you have! I love your view!

  28. Penny,

    Your gardens and pouch all look so lovely…
    I love your gate…
    So welcoming…

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful place with us…


  29. The view is so breathtaking that I know you MUST great each morning with a thankful prayer to our God. It is just beautiful and you are blessed.
    I love your front porch..the planter is just perfect and your little coasters are just what this porch would need. After all...with all the wonderful art you produce, no other coaster would work here!! Everything looks just fantastic, dear one. Thanks for this pretty post.
    xo bj

  30. WOW....that view is absolutely breathtaking!!!you are a lucky gal.
    have a wonderful day.

  31. Oh, Penny, look at that view! I love your porch and your comfy furniture and those great pops of red! It looks like a wonderful place to dream.

    Happy Porch Party...


    Sheila :-)

  32. Love your deck, and the view! WowEE! I've enjoyed visiting for the Porch Party. Thanks for coming by to visit me!


  33. Hi Penny,
    Your view is incredible! I love all your flowers and your new coasters. I may try to make some of those.

    Thanks for the visit today!
    :) Diane

  34. Pretty as a picture! I LOVE your view. I love your cushions! I love your red and white painted planter!

  35. Good morning Penny,
    You have such a lovely deck. It looks so inviting. I would love to sit out there and enjoy a fire. The view from your deck is beautiful ♥ Your flowers are very pretty.

  36. Penny, That is so beautiful. I absolutely love it. The view reminds me of the mountains in Northwest Arkansas where I grew up. So lovely! xo rachel

  37. So colorful! I just love it! And the deck is to die for. Thank yo for inviting me to your deck/porch party. It was wonderful.

  38. thank you for visiting my porch party and inviting me to yours! i don't have a porch either - more of a deck, so we'll call it our deck party! your deck is darling and love the color scheme with the pops of red. your mountain view is to die for! so lovely.

  39. You guys DO have an awesome view and your deck is set for a great day or night party.

    I do like a gathering of watering cans, too.

    If its a little cool, I'll take the sunny chair.


  40. What a wonderfully inviting place you have there... I I could live anywhere else... it would be in the Carolina mountains... just beautiful!

    have a blissful week.

  41. Penny you win the view of a life time...... gosh it wouldn't really even matter if we sat on the ground....... but you made your porch so welcoming and comfortable ....... wish I could sit for hours with you...... gee..... I wonder what we could find in common LOL.......

  42. What a beautiful home and setting your have.

    I enjoyed visiting,


    PS- I am now a follower.

  43. Thank you for inviting me to your party,I had a great time!
    I think I will sit for awhile and enjoy the great view and have a peek at the pretty book too.
    Take care,


  44. Hi Penny, this morning finds us in Yellowstone National Park. We are so blessed to have this wonderful vacation. I didn't participate in the porch party because the only thing I could share is a past porch post.

    Now,about your beautiful garden and deck. Perfectly beautiful and peaceful with a gorgeous view. Aren't we the lucky ones to have a beautiful view? I love your lavender and the coasters you made. The vintage watering cans are perfect where you placed them. It is all good.

    I love your photo Penny, casually leaning in your wonderful leather jacket. You are such a tiny pretty little person.

    We are off to explore the park.


  45. Wow Penny, What a view! your patio and deck are great with the comfortable chairs and the cute planters. Love the coasters.

    Thanks for having me, I will take a raincheck on the refreshments, I couldn't eat another thing.

    Come sit with me sometimes.

  46. So welcoming and I love the red "touches". Enjoy your day!
    P.S. What a view! I would love to wake up to that every morning :0)

  47. Everything looks wonderful! Have I mentioned I love your sidebar pic.. you look like a hot mama! jen

  48. Hi Penny. Everything looks so inviting. That view is breathtaking. I'll bet it's even better in person. Gorgeous! Mimi

  49. Oh what a glorious day for a tea party! I LOVE your view and your beautiful decks! I'll be right over!

  50. What a beautiful spot. I'll just stay for a bit and enjoy the gorgeous view of the hills.
    Didn't your red and white planter turn out well!?

  51. Penny,
    Your porch party looked so inviting! I wish that I could've visited you in person. Your home is beautiful and the view is amazing! I love it.

    Lee Laurie

    The watering cans are a nice touch to your steps and I love all of the red.

  52. Penny, Penny, Penny!! Your home is outstanding! I just love your deck, flowers, red accents and planters filled with sweet flowers. You are such an inspiration!!! Oh and what a view!!! I'd be out there alllllll day if I lived in your home. (Then nothing would get done inside).

    love to you,

  53. Oh Penny, your deck is beautiful!!! SO inviting. You have the most spectacular view, my goodness!! Just breathtaking! Your so lucky :) I am afraid if I came to visit, I would never want to leave, lol! Love those vintage watering cans too!!!

    Thank you so much for stopping by my party today!

  54. I love your home!! The view is spectacular!! Your deck is so elegant. Just love that POP of red.

    Thanks for stopping by to visit my porch party!

  55. Penny, that's just stunning!! You have such a beautiful style, and I just love the way you put everything together. If I make it to North Carolina this summer, I'll take you up on that offer of refreshments!
    xo, Andrea

  56. Penny...all I can say is it's fabulous. What a VIEW! :I)Nancy

  57. Your desk is very inviting. However, that view....WOW. Fantastic.

  58. Hi Penny, wonderful view from your deck, and I love the fireplace area. Oh, those coasters are so cute! Thanks for sharing.

  59. Looks like you live in heaven!!! I love all your touches of red. And the painted planter is SO great!

  60. Hello Penny, Love the view from your deck too. Glorious. I also enjoy the walk through you garden path. Lovely. How long have you lived in the Mts. of NC???? Hugs Judy

  61. definately have a view of God's country! Fantastic...

  62. I am just ga-ga over your view, Penny! I can't imagine sitting out there with the mountains all around. Your little spots are so lovely and inviting, just like you!

  63. Wow Penny, what gorgeous views! It's a beautiful sunny day, perfect for a porch party! I love your red accents and the mosaics add a lovely personal touch. I think I'll sit back a while and drink in these lovely views! Thank you for inviting me!

  64. Hi Penny
    I got my porch on late. Rhondi saw a link at Dana's and came over and asked me to link it. I hadn't thought about it because I had put it on last month.

    I love your porch and gardens. It's beautiful. Looks like a great place to relax. I think I would like a look at that book, too!

  65. Oh Penny everything looks heavenly as always... I saved the photo of your favorite view - hope that is okay - as I love to picture you there! What a gorgeous haven! Your deck and gardens are a dream. A beautiful soul lives and creates there that's for sure! AND speaking of beautiful - I LOVE your photo in your sidebar!!!


  66. Hi Penny,
    what a wonderful Outdoor space and what stunning views!!! I LOVE your Outdoor fireplace, I dream of one of those for our backyard.
    Thank you for stopping by, have a wonderful day,

  67. Wow, that is one terrific view!! Who needs refreshments when we can just "drink" in that view!

    Angelic Accents

  68. penny, what a view!!! gosh, it must be so relaxing to be out there on a starry night. beautiful!


  69. Hey Penny...this is beautiful girl and that view is breath taking...oh how blessed you are to wake up to that every morning.....I'd live out there! lol
    Everything is just beautiful my friend....hope you are having a fantastic week.

  70. Penny,

    It must be amazing to wake up to Heaven, everyday.


  71. What a gorgeous setting you serene. My DH & I both attended school in NC and I can still remember the smell of the tall pine trees.
    Thank you for visiting my porch party in were the very first visitor!

  72. Oh gosh Penny, your deck is divine! I love the scenery, I could just sit there for hours and hours on end staring and sniffing pine!!!

  73. I am still getting kicked off line every couple of minutes..but I just wanted to quickly tell you that I love the water cans that line the steps...That VIEW is fantastic...but the way you have everything so cozy and the bright wonderful color..RED..of course just plain stole my heart. I love mixing rose reds and pinks. Red is such a cheerful and warm color..that as far as I am can't go wrong.
    (I cannot believe I have typed all this and am still on..) I could lose all of this so am going to run ...I shall...RETURN!
    HUGE hug.... :)
    I love you too bunny...LOL


  74. Hi Penny,
    What a gourgous view you have from your porch/deck. I think I would never sit anywhere else.
    COme and visit me sometime at my porch/ garden party.
    Greetings from Belgium,

  75. I love your view! Those watering cans and coasters are awesome too.
    Thanks for the tour. Looks like a very nice place to sit and read or relax.

  76. Not sure I would get much reading done on that porch with that knock me over view. I love how you use the red pillows to punch it all up. Enjoy your porch. I do not have a porch here but I am enjoying taking the porch tours at everyone's blogs today.

  77. What a joy it has been to view your deck during Rhondi's Porch Party! Every inch of it is a treat to see--from your lovely plants and your mosaic creations to that impressive view!!! Wow! I think I would be on that deck for hours and hours every day!!

    Thanks for the invite!! Dana

  78. Just beautiful Penny! Love all the spashes of red.
    I so agree about the watering can pic.
    The coasters are really cute, and I like your teapot in your sidebar.
    Such wonderful scenery!

  79. Thank you for the tour of your deck/porch! It's as beautiful as I thought it would be!

  80. I'm so glad I had a chance to see your porch/deck Penny -- I don't have a porch so I've been living vicariously through all the party posts dreaming about which one I would want. I think yours is it! What a beautiful view! Your outdoor furniture looks so comfortable. I'd probably choose the shady spot as my skin doesn't tolerate too much sun anymore and I get

  81. Oh my goodness - what a VIEW! Sooo beautiful. I love the red touches on your patio and deck area. Everything is perfectly lovely! Hugs, Patti

  82. All I can say is Wow, everything is beautiful - thank you for the visit, I had a lovely time!


  83. Hi Penny, That deck is adorable...I love all the RED and the pot you painted is sooo cute! Love the flowers, Oh, honey I love it all!
    That view is breathtaking!!!!
    I have to tell you, that I thought of you when we were going through the NC mountains...on the way to Myrtle Beach and on the way home! Did you hear me screaming, "HELLO Penny!" LOL ;)

    Hope you have a wonderful day! Nancy

  84. Holy Moly, look at that view! Oh, and your porch is nice too ;)

    Have a lovely week!

  85. And I just read your little about me on the side of your blog - I knew the view seemed familiar. My grandparents are also in the mountains, Hendersonville to be exact. Their view is spectacular! We'll be spending Fourth of July with them as they have a huge party, I'm so excited for the trip :)

  86. With a view like that, it wouldn't matter what the porch looked like, but yours is beautiful! It looks so inviting. What a wonderful spot to relax and enjoy the beauty around you. Love the coasters! ~~Rhonda