Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Fun Project!

Warning! If you are a perfectionist, do not attempt this project.

Here is a fun, semi easy project created with a left over, old dirty plastic window box insert. But, if you are a perfectionist, you might not want to try this the way I did it-lol!

First I scrubbed the container with soapy water and let dry completely. Then I applied blue painters tape, where I wanted white stripes to appear. To get a semi even distance between stripes, I applied two small pieces of painters tape between my stripes. See picture below.

Now, I didn't measure the circumference and divide to get it totally even....I just winged it. After the stripes were taped down all the way around, I removed the spacing pieces of tape. See below.

Because this container is plastic, I bought paint made specifically for plastic.

I sprayed two light coats all around. Then I removed the blue painters tape, when it was dry.

If you click on the pictures to enlarge, you will see there was a raised design on the planter box. The red paint leaked through the sides of the tape where there were raised edges. But I figure, when the petunias and blue daze start trailing in the next week, the little oops parts will be covered with pretty flowers.

This is going on my front porch, and I will show you where on June 1st when I participate in Rhondi's Porch Party!

Welcome Home,



  1. Hi Penny,
    Oh my it's red and white, and you know I love anything red. Very neat idea. It reminds me of peppermint. I think you should grow some peppermint in another red and white planter.
    Enjoy your day,

  2. How cute, and simple to do!


  3. Cute idea, Penny! Love this!


    Sheila :-)

  4. Very cute idea! I love red too!
    Happy Thursday!

  5. Penny, you're so clever. Please come "fix up" my front porch. It looks exactly the same as it did in the pictures I used for last year's party.

    I'm kind of a plain girl, you know. ;-)

  6. That's a cool idea, Penny! I really like it.

  7. It looks great now! What an awesome idea :)

    All the best,

  8. Well, it is just darling. And red and white (along with blue and white) makes my heart skip a beat. But as soon as I saw that tape, I thought, that will not be me trying that project! I'm horrid with paint!

  9. Very cute! I've used that paint on plastic deck chairs before. You're right once the flowers start spilling over the planter you won't even notice!


  10. Too cute! And you are right, once the plants start trailing the oops won't show. I'm certainly no perfectionist, I'm a get it done quick and dirty kind of gal:>)

  11. Hi Penny! Oh, this is darling and it sure would work for me! Love that red!

    You would make that old cupboard look so good mosaiced!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :0

  12. Hi Penny,
    Great idea, I love the red and white stripes together.
    Cheers Linda

  13. Oh how cute! And it's one of my favorite colors! Nancy

  14. Looks perfect to me :)--My first visit and I love this idea. I had one I was just about to throw away!

  15. I like this idea! Very cute!
    Lee Laurie

  16. Penny,

    What a great idea. This is lovely.


  17. Penny - Love the window box! We have been busy with many projects. Still want to get together sometime. Will come up for air soon.

  18. That turned out very cute! I have to snoop around your blog some more. It looks very cute.

  19. Thanks for stopping by my blog...isn't it fun to see other's blogs and visit homes, right from the desk chair? Your blog is awful cute, I'm going to look around for awhile! Have a great Memorial Day weekend.

  20. I love the planter idea - I even have some of that plastic paint - gets my creative juices flowing. This is just a suggestion, but the white lettering on your pale blue background is very hard to read - maybe a navy blue or darker blue would be a little easier on the eyes!

  21. What a great idea! I have some of those planters. Red with white dots would be cute too!

  22. Hi Penny
    I love what you did with the planter. I might just have to copy you!!
    Hugs, Rhondi

  23. Thanks for mentioning the porch party. A couple of people who read your blog want to join.