Thursday, March 5, 2009

Peak A Boo

We have one male and two female cardinals that visit our feeder. The male is very skittish. I have tried to capture a picture of him at the feeder from both inside and outside our house. Whenever I go near the window inside or peak around the corner outside, he takes off.
See the bright red patch in the holly tree above? (Click on the pictures to enlarge)That is Mr. Cardinal.

Here is Mr Cardinal in some bare branches. I took both of these pictures from inside our house, through the kitchen window, standing on a chair! Now, these might not be the best pictures of a cardinal, but I have been trying for a year to get his picture!

Welcome Home,



  1. Brilliantly red against the outline of snowy branches! Just gorgeous! I took a picture of an owl outside our bedrooom window this morning! Not quite as beautiful but interesting.

  2. He's beautiful! Great pictures Penny! ♥

  3. Good job Penny! the photos are great!!! How fun to get to see Cardinals in your own yard too how cool is that!?!?! Hope you have a good day-Smiles~Tam!

  4. That's actually a great picture! He's so bright and cheerful-looking.


  5. E' un gioiello che fa bella anche la neve!!!
    Un bacio e buon week end

  6. Good job, I too have been trying to get a picture of my cardinals that come to feast.
    No luck so far, but I did get some great shots of the ground a few times…
    I have four males and many females; I refer to them as my winter flower.


  7. Oh, these are beautiful! Don't you just love cardinals? They are God's excalmation point of joyous color in a winter landscape. Thanks for sharing...


    Sheila :-)

  8. Hi Penny! I've tried to capture pictures of cardinals too and I'm never successful. They actually stay here all winter in Oklahoma. We put out black oil sunflower seeds and they feast every day. It's such a peaceful feeling to watch the birds.

  9. How cute is Mr Cardinal! I wish we had those here! I have one or two of the faux cardinal variety, lol!

  10. Mr. Cardinal is beautiful. Great photo! I have a visual of you in the chair trying to take the photo. Mr. Cardinal made you work for it, but the end result was worth the climb.

    Have a happy day


  11. He is so handsome! I love red birds! He looks so bright against the snowy branches!

    Penny, could you cend me your address? I bought you a couple of little things yesterday when I was out visiting my favorite thrift stores!

    Lee Laurie

  12. Great pictures! Love seeing Mr. Cardinal!
    kari & kijsa

  13. Hi Penny,
    I think the pictures came out just fine.I have never seen a cardinal up close, what a pretty red. Mr. Cardinal really shows himself off against the snow covered trees. Very pretty.

    Have a great day,

  14. You've done a wonderful job! How vivid he looks against the snow.

  15. What is about cardinals that we all love so much? I know for me it is the red color and it is my Mom's favorite bird. Good for you, an entire year to get that picture! It is beautiful by the way.

  16. I LOVE your blog!!! I just found it and have read through every single post :) I want your home! :)

  17. That cardinal is so red! I love how he just stands out against the backdrop. How beautiful. Love the tulips in your header, Penny. :)

  18. Hi Penny, I think your cardinal in the snow covered branches is beautiful. Wouldn't it make a pretty Christmas card. I love birds and we have seen some more lately. This morning a saw a Pileated (spelling?) woodpecker and he was so quick I couldn't snap his picture.

    Have a wonderful day.


  19. Penny, Cardinals! Gorgeous! They almost doesn't look real. I wish we had Cardinals here. I did see to absolutely huge Bald Eagles on the frozen lake today, eating a deer carcas. That was quite the sight.

  20. Penny I love cardinals-thanks for sharing your pictures!

  21. Hi Penny! What beautiful birds! And your pictures are gorgeous! Now you've been changing your blog dress again, haven't you? It looks mahvelous on you, dahling! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  22. Hi Penny

    I love red male cardinals! They are the prettiest bird. Yours looks so good with the snowy background.

    Almost all our snow is gone -- we've had soem nice weather and I've been out enjoying it!

    Have a good weekend!

  23. I love how vibrant the bird is against the white....just stunning. cherry

  24. I can certainly relate to trying to capture a pic of a cardinal! I have blinds in my windows and can't do it through them. Finally got one, not nearly so pretty as yours with snow.

    Love your blog.

  25. Isn't he a beauty? I love cardinals in every season:>)

  26. You ask did we get snow? Man oh man, did we ever. It was so gorgeous Penny but we had a lot of tree damage from it. What a mess to clean up...but the 70 degree temps. this weekend provided a nice day to get busy with the clean up. Like you, I have a hard time getting pictures of the cardinals too. They are very skittish. xo Lynn

  27. What exquisite pictures. My heart would have stopped had I ever looked out and seen the wonder of such a sight. Thank you, Penny, for sharing. :)

  28. He is gorgeous!!!! What contrast!


  29. Cardinals are my favorite and we have plenty in North Carolina and I'm grateful. Great photos, especially the one with the snow.

  30. What a gorgeous pop of color in the bare trees! I saw a Mama and Papa Cardinal in my Mother's tree today! I just stood there watching them play and chatter. Never even thought to get out my camera which was right there in my bag!