Tuesday, February 17, 2009

White and Green = Spring

As you might have noticed, my red transferware mosaic table in my kitchen nook gets a lot of vignette changes. It is the one area of our house that I walk by a hundred times a day.
I saw something similar to this picture below on a Swedish blog. I am not sure which one. While out on a walk through our property, I found some wonderful moss growing. I picked up a few inches of it and brought it home. I filled the lion bowl with potting soil and tamped the moss in place. Now I just water it when it feels a little dry. So simple but it feels like spring!
This is a vintage cheese dome that I found at a thrift store. It didn't have the bottom to it, so I paired it with a silver plate with cute feet. I found these alabaster eggs on Ebay.

I bought this pear at Pier 1 about 8 years ago. I actually have several pears and apples that I bought at the same time. I have used them many different ways.

And last but not least, this sweet bird and nest are from Kathy at Kathy's Cottage. I bought them from her last year. They are my favorite part of this vignette.

Do you have an area that you rearrange on a regular basis?
Welcome Home,


  1. Penny,
    all of your Spring vignettes are lovely!!! My favorite is the moss in the little soupbowl. My dining room buffet receives constant make overs, it's my favorite place to decorate.
    Have a wonderful evening and day tomorrow,

  2. Lovely! I change everything all the time! I just get bored of things I already have and changing them is a good thing to do. It always give that feeling of something "new" around the house. Hugs, Vanessa

  3. I re-arrange everything often! :O) Your table looks lovely! Love the moss idea. I might even be able to do that.

  4. Oh Penny, I love it all! I never knew to do that with moss..I have some around outside..I am going to do that! Thanks so much for the inspiration! Nancy

  5. Love that moss. We can't see anything green here. It's under a foot of snow. Mimi

  6. I love the idea of the moss in the pot. Living in the desert, we don't have moss. I'm thinking about planting some grass seeds in three small pots and putting them under cloches on a tray.


  7. They are all beautiful! Thanks for the great inspiration!

  8. I'm so in love with your mosaic table! I say "be still my heart" every time I see it! Your vignettes are beautiful too.

    I probably change the decor on the sideboard in my header picture most frequently. I get bored with things & move them around usually with the seasons. ☺

  9. love the birdie to. And LOVE your table. such talent. mishelle

  10. The moss in the bowl reminds me of promises of a spring just around the corner. I love your vignette. I have a shelf in my bathroom that I rearrange often.

    Have a happy day


  11. Penny, this is the funniest thing..I have a post pre-scheduled to air tomorrow on the exact same thing...my favorite spot to change often. Great minds, I tell ya!! Haha
    I love your display on this adorable kitchen table...and especially love the KATHY BIRD.!!
    Happy day, my sweet friend.
    xo bj

  12. Good Morning Penny. I have a couple of spots that I change regularly - more so since I started blogging. I'm constantly inspired by all of you!

    We have moss that grows on the north side of our house and I've always thought of pulling some of it up. It's so soft and pretty. You've gotten me thinking now. :)

  13. Beautiful Penny! How funny, I've been looking at alot of Swedish blogs too! I even bought a book on Swedish interiors recently. I do think we are long lost sisters or something LOL! Love that bird you got from Kathy!


  14. Lovely, simple idea for moss...wonder if I could find some buried beneath the snow.

  15. Penny,
    Your mosaic table is probably the most beautiful table I have ever seen. You and I have a lot in common as far as decorating with glass domes and apothecary jars. I have a post on my blog today about that. Everything is just so lovely. You have quite a decorating flair! Amy

  16. Penny, loved this. And I really love that transferware cup with goodies in it! How cute!


    Sheila :-)

  17. so lovely and thank you for sharing your ideas.

    i find myself making things that are green and yellow lately. it does bring spring to mind even though the forecase in my neck of the woods is for a snowy mix today. soup's on!


  18. I would love to walk by your beautiful table and all the pretty eye candy everyday! I think I could move right in and it would feel like home :-)

    I think my old crackled dresser in the great room is redecorated most often. I love to see the reflections of my goodies in the mirror.

    have a great week!

  19. I redo the top of an old icebox that I have in the family room and my dinning room display at least once a month.
    I use to dress and arrange my dolls in vignettes for all the seasons. It use to take me days, It is a lot of work to play.

    Love all of your looks for your table…


  20. Hi Penny,
    How pretty! I love all your decorating ideas. I've done that same thing with the moss and surprisingly, it stays nice for a long time.

    Redecorating? I seem to be redecorating my living room all the time. Ha!


  21. Penny, this is so beautiful. I'm sure you made the table. You are so talented! I have never seen any thing like it. Every thing is just lovely.

  22. Penny this is beautiful. I think I'll do a spring vignette or two when we get back home.

  23. Hi Penny!

    It's so nice to see a little bit of Spring on your blog. It's still too cold and damp up here in the north to find moss, but I'll keep it in mind for the future..thanks!

    I redecorate my dining room hutch for every season and holiday.

  24. The moss looks great in the white bowl, Penny! Love the cheese dome too!


  25. Lovely accents, Penny! I never would have thought to decorate with natural moss. Thanks for the tip!

  26. I love the moss idea! How perfect to bring spring early inside the home! And I love everything else of course - the pear, the eggs, sigh!

  27. Such lovely vignettes! Thanks for sharing a touch of Spring! :)

  28. So sweet, so dear and so Springy! I have one of Kathy's birds almost like that one. It sits on my kitchen table under a cloche...it is so sweet isn;t it?

    I love, love your home Penny!


  29. Love that bird in the cup...very cute......I change things around weekly!! I just posted my first Tablescape Thursday table...stop by I think you'll approve...Sue

  30. Penny love it all..very inspirational
    as always! smiles and hugs aNNa

  31. Those are such lovely, colorful ideas. What a delightful visit.
    Hug ~

  32. I love the vignette...it's just so fresh and pretty! Mama always said that changing little things around in the home makes us feel better about our surroundings! I agree:-)

  33. I am always fussing with the window sill over my kitchen sink. I spend a lot of time there. It could use some help right now. My Valentine theme is down and now it needs some attention!

  34. Hi Penny!

    I rearrange everything about once a month,:) it's so much fun! I adore your table setting , the bell jars are fabulous and you do such a gorgeous job filling them with pretties!! I love all the red transfer ware, omg, so pretty!!

    Hugs, Cynthia

  35. Hi Penny, thanks for your visits today. It has been weird without the net. We sure do take things for granted. I at least had a nice nap with the net on the bum.

    I love your red and white transfer table and dishes. My daughter decorated her kitchen and breakfast room with the Waverly transfer wear fabric and wallpaper. She has the Waverly valences too. Her mother-in-law gave her all of her red and white transfer dishes to match. It all looks so nice. Your vignette looks very pretty together. I love the glass dome covers.

    To answer your question, I do change things around fairly often One spot is my kitchen window sill.

    Have a great evening.


  36. I have a crackled black french cupboard with chicken wire instead of glass in the doors. It is lighted inside and I love to change out the contents.

  37. Penny, one of my favorite things is seeing glass domes embracing someone's favorite eye candy. This is a lovely centerpiece. Those make me dream of Spring.

  38. Penny,

    I don't know what I like better...the bird or the moss. After I saw your bird I had to order 2 from Kathy. I may need to try the moss too. How Springy and fresh looking.


  39. I sure do love your table.I love moving and rearranging things in our home too.
    Have a good weekend!

  40. I love the way you did the eggs...are they marble? Mine are and I have always wondered how to display them...yes, I think I change my bookcase the most...books and treasures...I change out the treasures and move the books so I get a chance to dust them...love your work with this.

  41. I adorte that table Penny! It makes everything you put on it look special:>)

  42. So many different looks done so easily too - beautiful work

  43. Penny, your table looks so pretty. I love the cloche over the bird's nest...adorable.
    I get in a rut with decorating and don't change things as much as I would like to.

  44. I really like the moss and I am a sucker for glass and cloches- and red is my kitchen- I love your fussing...

    I have a black table in my living room- one of the few rooms that is actually done ( or should I say- WAS done- I am trading a friend my 2 loveseats for her couch next weekend :) and I am constantly rearranging that tabletop- sometimes fresh flowers, always books and a cloche and a lamp...

    Glad to know others "fuss" a bit..

    And please enter me again in your contest for the hook...I would put it in my bathroom ( turquoise and tan)...


  45. I know I've said it before but I just have to tell you again how much I love your table with the red transferware on the top. It's awesome!

  46. HI Penny, I just saw your project in Romantic Homes! Congrats! It was fabulous!

  47. You always have everything looking so pretty. A woman always coming up with wonderful ideas. And yes I'm always moving or rearranging things around all the time. It keeps the creative juices flowing!!

  48. How did you know my nick-name is "ranger"
    In French that means to arrange and to move things.
    Love yours!