Monday, February 9, 2009

Signs of Spring

While I was out running errands today, I decided to stop into a little consignment shop. Look what I found! This wonderful Lions Head Tureen made in France! I had been looking for one for ages. I have 8 matching soup bowls and every time I saw a matching tureen it was way to expensive. This exact same tureen sells at Williams Sonoma for $139.00. I purchased mine today for $32.00.
Here it is again with a couple of the soup bowls I mentioned. You can click on the pictures to enlarge them.
I had this beautiful hyacinth sitting on my kitchen counter and dropped it into the tureen....I love the way it looks!

I wanted to share with you a great magazine. This is the British Edition of Country Living. It is filled with wonderful English gardens, homes, decorating ideas and more. See the cute white cups with the spring bulbs planted in them on the cover?

I know a lot of our magazines we loved have ceased to exist. Do you have any favorites that you still receive? I would love to know about them!
Welcome Home,


  1. Hi Penny
    How fun for you to have a blogging friend so close by! I'm sure you had fun and I'm envious of the blue plates you got!
    That was great that you found the tureen and I love the hyacinths in them. Don't you love the smell of hyacinths?
    I am very sad that Home Companion has stopped publishing. That was the only magazine I subscribed to. I love all the Somserset magazines, like The Artful Blogger, Paper Cloth Scissors etc, but they are so expensive. So I go to the bookstore and read them there!
    Hope you're getting some of this spring weather like we are.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  2. How great that you found the tureen and especially at such a great price. I think it pays to stop in frequently at thrift & consignment shops. The hyacinth looks perfect in the tureen.

  3. Hi, Penny -
    You got a real bargain on your tureen! And it's amazing that you already had the soup bowls to match. The hyacinths are gorgeous - such a promise of Spring! I'm ready - aren't you?

  4. Oh, Miss Penny!

    Everything is just beautiful!!!
    Your table looks so inviting -- you just must be having a little winter get-together with friends. You can make a wonderful soup - chicken, perhaps? - to serve from your new tureen? Some freshly toasted garlic French bread...


  5. The hyacinth looks like it's found a great home in tureen! So glad you were able to get a bargain on it!

  6. Hello Penny!

    I bet you wanted to do a happy dance when you saw the tureen and for that price! You are living right Penny!

    The only magazine I have coming now is MaryJane's Farm. I love it. Simple and quaint. I tell ya, since I have been blogging I don't buy the magazines like I use to because seeing others blogs is like going through a magazine! Like yours! And when spring has sprung we can see everyones gardens soon! Wonderful, isn't it?!


  7. You know I love tureens and this one is very pretty! How funny, Cindy found the soup bowls at her thrift store last week!

    I know, I'll hardly have any magazines to read now. All the ones I read regularly are gone or going. Better HOmes & Gardens is one I like. I do not like the new Victoria. Do It Yourself is usually good. I've gotten really picky about magazines - I've noticed that they frequently repeat pictures and stories. So unless there's something that really speaks to me, I don't bother to buy them anymore.

    I used to have a subscription but now I read British Country Living now and then at the bookstore.


  8. Penny, your tureen is perfect with or without the flowers. I'm just thinking that some white dishes are going to have to come to my house too.

    I love and can't live without Southern Living. Been reading it since before we got married. It's not exactly the same as it used to be but I still enjoy it.

  9. Wow, are you lucky or what! My dil got the WS tureen & soup bowls as shower gifts & I've wanted some ever since! (I'm too cheap to go buy them at WS tho...) ☺

  10. What a great bargin you got. It's so much fun getting a bargin. I love Romantic Homes Magazine it's still in my budget at 3.99 an issue. It is sad to see so many of them go away. I wish I could buy them all to help support them.
    Have a great day,

  11. Great find Penny! It's a beautiful tureen!

  12. Love the tureen and bowls! We are such soup and stew fans in the winter. What a lovely way to present such wonderful comfort foods.

  13. Oh, what a lucky girl! The tureen is lovely and the hyacinth gives it just the right touch of Spring.

    I pick up an occasional decorating magazine, especially when my friends are featured in them ;-) But the one's I subscribe to are... Mother Earth News, Country, and Backyard Poultry.

    Hope your week is off to a good start.

  14. It's a beautiful tureen. I never get lucky when I go to thrift shops. I never find anything. Looks great.

  15. HI Penny! Oh, what a lovely tureen and to think it matches your bowls. How lucky can you get! And the price - oh, my goodness! You got a steal of a deal. That table everything is sitting on is so beautiful! Again, you're marvelous at what you do!
    Thank you for your visit and kindness!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  16. Penny,
    You were so lucky finding that tureen to match your bowls. That was a great price too! I plan on getting some white dishes soon. I've never had plain white dishes before and I know that I would use them a lot.
    My favorite magazines are Romantic Homes and Southern Living. I don't subscribe anymore though. I like to look through them first to make sure that there is something of interest to me. They have changed some and I don't really like the changes too much.

    Lee Laurie

  17. What a great find! My magazines have been whittled down as 3 of the ones I used to get are gone! I ned some new ones!

  18. WOW! What an incredible find! I know you were thrilled! I miss picking up Home Companion at the store but I don't subscribe to many magazines. I like to buy a different one.. or two...every month! I get a lot of my magazines at Honeysuckle Hollow!

  19. Oh found "Such A Deal" they say up North...what a great find for a great price...somebody out in California just found that at a thrift store also...Lucky Lucky...I have to say my favorite magazine is Country Living...I've been subcribing since the first issue...I hope they don't go under..I will be very sad..

  20. Hi Penny

    You really found a bargain! What a nice set.

    I get Country Living, Better Homes & Gardens, Family Circle, Woman's Day, Martha Stewart Living, Victoria, Hallmark Magazine, Southern Lady, and Food & Wine. As you can imagine I like to read I use to get Cottage Living and Home Companion which ended publication and now I heard Country Home might fold too :-(

  21. Penny what a great find! The set is beautiful! Your hyachinth is just lovely as well. Oh as far as magazines, oh heck all of 'em. I will miss Cottage Living, Home Country Living. I am glad Victoria came back though. :)

  22. Such a wonderful post! And I could certainly be comfortable at your beautiful table. I just discovered your site and I will definitely be a regular visitor as we appear to be kindred spirits--DITTO for red & white, roosters, toile, and second chance shopping venues like thrifts and consignments.
    "J" @ FK

  23. Hi Penny,
    What a deal and it looks great on your beautiful table!

  24. What a steal you got on that soup tureen! The hyacinth looks lovely in it! :)

  25. Oh how Pretty Penny! and what fabulous deals you got too! I love the flower in there, so Springy :) We need Spring!

    I too adore the British version of all those magazines, they are so full of color and really get it right!

    Hugs, Cynthia

  26. Hi Penny,
    What a great soup tureen and a terrific price. It looks beautiful with the flowers in too!

    I will definitely have to look for the English Garden magazine. One of my favorite magazines is The English it!

    Have a good day,
    (I'm home BTW, and happy to be back)

  27. Score one for you, Penny! This is a neat set! I love the set, and I love the lions' heads on the pieces! Great deal!


    Sheila :-)

  28. Penny Oh My I simply adore those English version of Country Home mags! I remember reading them back in Bermuda!
    Lots of shabby chic and cottage style there in those pages!
    I just found this blog and i am swooning! I had no idea you had 2...or several!
    I am hooked!

  29. I love a magazine called Southern Lady with it's recipes and events..even if I live in the North I feel like a southerner. Peggy from PA

  30. What a fantastic buy! Good for you, Penny! And it looks sensational with the hyacynths. I love the versatility of white pieces, don't you? And with your eye for putting things together, there are countless ways you could use this gorgeous tureen. :-)

  31. Penny you lucky duck - I collect white/cream tureens too - this one was a great find.
    Re: mags. UK 'Country Living' - my favorite, of course, have subscribed many years and would die if they closed down! My favorite US mag. was 'Country Home' and I'm so sad they've gone, along with Mary Eng's 'Home Companion' (at least she had the decency to send an e-mail of apologies for the discontinuation!).
    I like 'Romantic Homes' and 'Victoria' too. My second favorite though is the French 'Cote Sud' but it's very expensive on the mag. rack at an independent book shop - the only place I can find it.

  32. Oh my! I'm so envious of this tureen and the lovely bowls. I adore white/cream and I have longed for a tureen for years.

  33. I love these white tureens! I hope I run across some in the near future. Garage sale season isn't that far off:>)

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