Friday, February 13, 2009

Old Fashioned Gardening

While visiting Kim at Daisy Cottage blog over the past two years, I really enjoyed seeing all of the vintage books she collects and displays in her home. So this past year whenever I am in thrift stores or the antique malls, I look at the vintage books.
I decided to stick with one type of book. I chose Gardening. And I am only buying the ones with covers in the colors I use to decorate my home. Reds, yellows, greens and something new, Blue. I decided my home needs a little blue. So I will be adding blue in different ways over this next year.
Edited: Mimi Sue pointed out the blue book said Wildfowler not Wildflower. I didn't realize that when I purchased the book - I thought it said wild Turns out this book is about hunting wild fowl! Well, I am off to the thrift/antique stores looking for a blue FLOWER book. :-)

Speaking of old fashioned gardening. This is a picture I took this past summer in one of the courtyards at the Biltmore Estate. They are a great source of inspiration for the garden. Head on over to my Home Goods post for more on gardening inspiration. I would love it if you left a comment while there :-).
Welcome Home,


  1. Did you notice the book with the title Wildfowler. Hmmm. I once had a home that had a little shelf all around the family room about 12 inches below the ceiling (on the wall). I bought red and yellow books for that little shelf. We do think alike. Mimi

  2. I too, love vintage books!
    And...the statue is beautiful!
    Have a great day!

  3. Hi Penny,
    I have a few books from my Mom and grandfather but I love your idea to search the thriftstores for more matching your hobby and your decorating theme. I feel another collection coming
    Have a wonderful day,

  4. LOL! That's too funny - "Wild Fowler"!! I've been so influenced by Kim in my decorating. I too bought some vintage books at the thrifstore because of her! I only bought all yellow with no particular subject in mind. I just use them as lifts.

    Happy Valentine's Day!


  5. That made me chuckle! I could see me doing the same thing in my excitement in finding the right shade of blue book to go with my collection. LOL!

    It's a great idea!

  6. Be careful, you may become addicted to books; I did! Love the Moonlight Serenade, so soothing. Happy Valentine's Day to you and your loved ones...

  7. Hahahaha. I don't know why I noticed it. I thought the publisher must have made a mistake. Well, now you have a reference if you need to know anything about wild fowls. Mimi

  8. I love my books, too, Penny, and I love to surround myself with ones about design and art. It makes me smile to see them.


    Sheila :-)

  9. I'm a big book fan too! That sounds like something I would do! Mistaking wildfowler for wildflower. Sometimes when I am at a thrift store and I'm in a hurry, I am bad about judging a book by its cover. I've gotten some really good ones and I've also gotten many that I've had to trash! LOL

  10. There having a huge "Friends of the Library" sale here on Monday...I'm going during lunch...can't wait to see what I find! I love the colors you are using in your home...great idea to find beautiful books in those wonderful colors! Amazon and half-ebay are such great places to shop for hardbacks, but I don't think you'll be able to see the color of the book. Rats! Good luck finding your wildflower book! :-) Susan

  11. Haha! Does she win a prize for finding the boo boo? That is funny. I missed it too.
    You can find old books with your theme like you say...I had an ocean one going for awhile. Fun and cheap!

  12. Hi Penny. I got a good little laugh here about the Wild Fowler. I never would have noticed that! Maybe they will trade you at the thrift store.

  13. ((((Penny)))))
    This makes me so happy to know that little old me could inspire YOU!!!
    You are off to a great collection and I'll keep my eye out for you too.. and I'm going to be adding more touches of blue around here also! ;-) I'm so glad we are kindred spirits as we don our homes with books and blue!!!


  14. Hi Penny
    Wonderful collection you've begun. I like that you've collected one subject. I have several old books and love them. I should pull them from the shelves, to display stacked, too.

  15. Great looking stack of books! That's a funny story about the fowler and the flower.

  16. My home is actually TOO full of books! We are heavy readers so books as decor would really overload me:>) Your are beautiful though, even the wildfowler one!

  17. Sometimes when i am at the Goodwill i do the same thing. Kim always has these perfectly coordinated books around her house, she inspires me too. Love to see her house in person wouldn't you? mishelle

  18. I'm giggling at the Wildfowler book - perhaps a new hobby!!!!!!
    Your books are lovely and really decorate a home in such a warm way.

    As you can see my books are definitely ancient - several I brought back from Provence, some I picked up at SuzAnna's and 'aged' on the front porch...along with the tarnishing silver!!

  19. Well Mimi Sue is clever. I never even noticed the 'fowler' part. Right letters making up the wrong word, amazing what the mind can do.
    Love the banner too.

  20. Hi Penny,

    LOL - I have been collecting only books about flowers and gardening in red, blue, yellow and green. They seem to be few and far between where I live as I know of two other bloggers and gardeners in my area who are also looking for the same books and same colors.

    The book on Wild Fowl is too funny.

    Have a lovely week.

  21. Vintage gardening books are my favorite, too. I have a wonderful one that Jeanne gave me.

    That was cute about the subject of the blue book. I'm sure you'll find another one soon. ;-)

  22. Penny, Cynthia from Cynthia's Cottage Design and I were saying we want HGTV to bring Kitty Bartholomew back! Loved her show!!

    Wild Fowlers...cute story! :-) I liked that! Also love the painting of the geraniums - always a favorite.

    Happy week after Valentine's Day..


  23. I love vintage books for the smell of them, the feel of the page...there is something so haunting about them that I find it hard to resist...I'd love to have three walls of shelves floor to ceiling to keep them day, I hope!
    Love your book choices, by the way!

  24. Hi Penny! How sweet these vintage books look. That's so funny about your Wild Fowlers! lol
    Throw that out quickly.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  25. Hi Penny
    I have been influenced by Kim also. I always kept my eye open for interesting boks but it never occurred to me to choose them for the color as well. I've taken a lot of covers off my curent collection to display the color underneath.
    So you're star1ing to add blue :) I like that!
    Hugs, Rhondi

  26. Hi, Penny, you've been a busy lady! I love your lamp table ala Kitty (yes, I loved her shows too!). And your newly found vintage books are so pretty. That Kim is an inspiration to all of us.

  27. I love old books too! I just saw the poll on your sidebar! I just did the same thing, I must be copying you! :) Imitation is the greatest for of flattery! ;) Jen

  28. I love your books...I buy vintage, thrifted books, too, but now I know I need to find one subject and buy only those...think I will go with decorating blacks, whites, reds, blues, soft yellows/golds (to get that French feeling, ya know..haha)...sounds like most colors will work for me.
    For some reason, I am so hung up this week with Glen Miller. I don't have a clue why, tho....weird!!
    xo bj

  29. Penny gardening books are a good collection to have. I remove my paper jackets on books to expose their original covers and display a color grouping whites/beiges
    blues/greens ..great when arranging

  30. Good morning Penny, How wonderful to be going to the Biltmore. Do you have an annual pass? We will be going to see the Festival of Flowers too. Wouldn't it be fun to meet in person. We could eat lunch together possibly. I'm not sure how far my knee will take me but I WILL be going. Have you eaten in 'The Stables' before? The food is wonderful. I didn't notice that they are opening more rooms. That is terrific. More to see is a good thing.

    I had to laugh about your blue book. I didn't notice it either. Oh, the trick of the mind. We see what we want to see, don't we? I buy vintage gardening books too. I have about six of them. I love reading them and a couple of mine have the prettiest covers showing gardens. I treasure them. I think some blue will be great in your room. Have fun looking. I'll look too, as I never tire of the hunt.

    Have a happy day.


  31. Hi Penny, I have a love a books and also decorate with them around my home using colors to coordinate too. That is too funny about the Wild Fowler. The tricks the mind plays. LOL!!
    Have fun adding the blue. I am so glad I did.
    How about doing a book with a mosaic cover? Can it be done? I think you could do it nicely!!
    How wonderful you went to Italy. I hope to go one day and visit my grandmas home town~Naples

    Great to see you have a nice week.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  32. I love buying old books too, Penny. I like the idea of just buying gardening books.

    Kim is an inspiration to me too. I love her blog.