Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A Beautiful Place to Walk In The Spring

This past weekend we took a little picnic to the Biltmore Estate.  I forgot to take pictures of the actual picnic, but I did get some shots of the lovely setting.

With the back side of the Biltmore House in the background we had our picnic on the edge of a small lake.

It is a favorite spot of ours at the Biltmore Estate.  The lake usually has geese and or ducks swimming lazily around.

After the picnic we went to the azalea gardens at Biltmore Estate.  The azaleas were just past their peak in blooming, but still very pretty.

From there, we walked up to the walled garden area of Biltmore.  You can see the top of the house in the picture below, the rest of the house is hidden by the trees.

The walled garden was filled with irises blooming, peonies and beautiful shrubs.

After the walled garden we walked through the greenhouse.

It was a wonderful day.  Have you gone on a picnic yet this spring?

Monday, May 9, 2016

An Introduction

Hi Friends!

I have another treat for you.  This time it is someone very near and dear to my heart.  I would like you to meet my niece Kelly!

Kelly and I have a lot in common when it comes to home decor, so I know you will enjoy these pictures I am sharing.  You will see in her comment below that she mentions I inspire her.  But if truth be told, she inspires me just as much if not more in her unshakable belief, her strength and her love and dedication to her family.

So without further ado, meet Kelly

Hi! I’m Kelly and I am very excited to be here! I have been a long time follower of Penny’s blog and she inspires me time and time again. Her living spaces, food dishes and art showcase her talent to create beauty in all facets of life! I hope as her niece I have inherited a bit of her ability to pay attention to the details. Whether planning an event or styling a home; paying attention to the details can make all the difference.
Penny has graciously allowed me to share some of the details of my home on her blog today! Thanks Aunt Penny! I hope your readers enjoy!

I hope you enjoy this pictures of Kelly's home.  Kelly is an event planner and loves to help others redecorate their homes.  To find out more about her, you can check out her website,

Thank you Kelly for letting me share some of your home!  Love you, Aunt Penny.