Sunday, April 26, 2015

Before and After and Packing

Thank you everyone who left comments here and on Facebook about my magazine feature!  To refresh your memory, this is what the living room looked like in the magazine spread.
Here is what it looks like today..
It's funny how when you start taking down all of the pictures, mirrors and decorating pieces, it is just a room with no personality.

Our closing is set for this coming Wednesday and we are moving on Friday and Saturday.  So if you don't see me here for a week you know why.
Wish us luck!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

It's Here!

Remember what I posted about exactly one year ago today?
Of course you don't!  Why would you?  Need to refresh your memory?  Click HERE
Well for the last 365 days I have been waiting for something very special.  One year ago there was a magazine photo shoot at my house.  I couldn't tell you much about it then.
But now I can because it is out on the newsstands!
The magazine is French Country Style and the Founder and Editor in Chief is none other than the very talented Fifi O'Neiil.
Here is the cover, so you know what to look for when you run out to pick up a copy!
Here is a sneak peek at my story.  There are 10 pages of my home featured!

I never thought I would have had the chance to have my home featured in any magazine, much less one as beautiful as French Country Style.  It is a dream come true.
I want to thank Fifi O'Neill for featuring my home.  I also want to thank the very talented Sunday Hendrickson who styled the photo shoot and the very talented Richard Leo Johnson who photographed my home, along with his assistant Russ Powell.  And last but not least, a special thank you to the writer of my feature, Jan Soults Walker.
There are several other bloggers homes featured, that you may or may not recognize as well.  My local Barnes and Noble did not have it, but I found my copy at Lowe's.
I am thrilled to have been featured.  Now I will have a memento of this house after we move.