Monday, May 2, 2016

Blue Pot, Blue Bird and a Potager of Sorts

I planted my potager (only mine is a mini container garden) a few weeks ago.  The tomato plant is in this pretty cobalt blue pot I have had for many years.  The rest of the garden is just herbs and potted in what ever I had that worked.
I have a old tool tote that I have had for years.  It has my parsley and thyme in it.

A light weight pot has my basil in it.  Little red ceramic pots have a rosemary plant and my chives.

The glazed cobalt blue pot is a favorite of mine.  We lost the matching tray a couple of winters ago, because I left it out and it crumbled in the weather.

Speaking of cobalt blue pots, if you want to see a beautiful porch setting with several of these blue pots go visit my friend Shirley at Hospitality Designs!

And tomato plant has 6 tomatoes on it already!

As for the blue bird part of this post.  The babies have left the nest, but they keep coming back to check out the bird house.  I got a couple of good shots.

Hope you Monday is off to a great start!

Friday, April 29, 2016

New Wreath

I know it was not that long ago, I posted about creating a spring wreath for the front door.  It was a grapevine wreath with yellow tulips.

Well, the weather is feeling more like summer and less like spring here.  In fact it is 87 degrees out right now as I type this.  I purchased some geraniums and petunias for my front pots.  They are red and blue and white.  I will keep that color scheme all summer until after labor day, even if I have to replace the plants. 
Please ignore the yellow pollen on the table....I am not cleaning it until the pollen stops!
Check out the sore thumb below....the yellow tulip wreath...
See how the yellow tulip wreath looked really out of place with all of the red, white and blue going on in the picture above?  So off to the craft store I went and bought some more silk flowers in red and blue.
It looks so much better now!